Tuesday, March 30, 2010


"We regard clinical death as potentially reversible in the future."

So the New Yorker (lets not get into it right now) ran an article a little while back about the current pioneer of this whole freezing dead people thing, and he totally believes that the people he sees are 'patients' and not corpses in the traditional sense, and has frozen his past two wives and believes that through cryonics there is a strong chance one can be brought back to life from the freezer in the not so distant future. They also have frozen pets in this place. I mean ya okay maybe, say this works and you get brought back to life in the future world with a bunch of other maniacs of a like mind, and then what? Go eat a killer sandwich and feel so glad to be alive again? Its like, ya, wicked, but really? I mean, I want to see how insane the future is gonna be as much as the next guy, but the future is happening now, and maybe just read some science fiction instead. Anyway, here is the main website for "Your Last Best Chance For Life."


I posted something earlier about this fucked up dream I had where I was dead but still alive, and I imagine it would be something like that. Like oh fuck I'm dead but here I am. Am I on LOST?

Seriously trip on this vid of some hometown 90s practitioners. Its a case of weird science.

And another taste.


And on a somewhat related note, this is pretty heavy. The description of the video from YouTube is: "The best gymnasts who never made it to the Olympics, through politics, injury, or bad luck."

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