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Lord of Rings

Nazgul/Wicked Air Guitar/Uli Uli

Listen to Your Heart

Oh Yeah


Contestable Self-Procaimed Bong King

Neglected Water Bed



"We regard clinical death as potentially reversible in the future."

So the New Yorker (lets not get into it right now) ran an article a little while back about the current pioneer of this whole freezing dead people thing, and he totally believes that the people he sees are 'patients' and not corpses in the traditional sense, and has frozen his past two wives and believes that through cryonics there is a strong chance one can be brought back to life from the freezer in the not so distant future. They also have frozen pets in this place. I mean ya okay maybe, say this works and you get brought back to life in the future world with a bunch of other maniacs of a like mind, and then what? Go eat a killer sandwich and feel so glad to be alive again? Its like, ya, wicked, but really? I mean, I want to see how insane the future is gonna be as much as the next guy, but the future is happening now, and maybe just read some science fiction instead. Anyway, here is the main website for "Your Last Best Chance For Life."


I posted something earlier about this fucked up dream I had where I was dead but still alive, and I imagine it would be something like that. Like oh fuck I'm dead but here I am. Am I on LOST?

Seriously trip on this vid of some hometown 90s practitioners. Its a case of weird science.

And another taste.


And on a somewhat related note, this is pretty heavy. The description of the video from YouTube is: "The best gymnasts who never made it to the Olympics, through politics, injury, or bad luck."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living Room Earlier


Tommy Mars


Heroic Homo Sex/Cock Rub Warriors Unite!!!

So, have you heard about frot? Well if not, allow me. Its a movement about "phallus-on-phallus sex," or in other words, dudes rubbing their dicks together tough guy style. For real this shit is nuts. (Get it? Nuts.) These guys call each other 'dude' and 'bro' and stuff, i.e.:

"You know dude, since the Supreme Court overturned the sodomy laws, there's been a lot of talk in the media about how gay sex = sodomy (that's anal sex dude).You know what bro?? That's a lie."

Here is a (mild) taste:


This website is totally amazing and worth checking out. The deeper you go, the more you find out about how like, real homosexuality is all about man to man, face to face, heart to heart, dick to dick rubbing. And its all heroic roman warrior style stuff. Gotta check out the many epic links. ***But WARNING! If you do decide to venture here, there are lots of really real dicks on view and some pretty raunchy content about how an anus is not a vag and stuff. So be prepared, its not for the feint of heart/wieners. But seriously, check it:

(Seriously, you've been warned)

not a top
not a bottom
not a butch
not a bitch
not a gay
not a bi
not a str8


Used to go every summer. One of my favorite places on Earth.


Living Dead

I had a really weird dream this morning where I died, but I was still alive. Like I definitely died, but then I was alive in my own body, not like some spirit ghost. It was me, but the world was new, like two parallel worlds right on top of each other. And I found my body laying near this ditch, and these people were trying to get me to go with them, but I was like, I can't just leave myself lying there. But I didn't have a shovel and there was no time, so I tried to just throw some dirt on myself. But I couldn't really bear leaving myself like that, so I cut my own head off so I could at least bury that and wouldn't be laying there abandoned looking up at the sky forever, rotting away. And it was my real head from when that was me, which it still was, but I was alive in my own body in another world which was the same world. Then I wrapped some wet paper towels around it and put it in a large piece of tupperware, and then I was hanging out in this basement and I put it in the fridge. And then my brother came in and he was gonna get a beer out of the fridge or something, and I was like, look out man, my head is in there. And he was like, why? And I told him I didn't know, because I still needed to bury it or something. It was actually a nightmare, a pretty bad one, replete with some pretty weird emotions. But then hey, at least it wasn't a full blown night terror.

Meta Home Depot


From Kindergarten

Now all Indians live forever.

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I overheard this lady at Target a couple days ago tell her kid, "That's not a robot its a blanket."

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