Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Surprising Advance for Earth Culture

No Surprises There

Sometimes, someone looks exactly like you'd picture them. Ross Douthat, conservative columnist for the Times, is just such a fellow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Amazing Ping Pong Videos

Two ping pong videos that are pretty cool, but with music that, uh, well, um, why?

This one is like, what? really? why? Rules. And the #1 point is pretty sweet (Ballwechsel?). And in answer to your question metacafe: yeah, I am.

And then there is the opposite of that:


I live about twenty steps from a KFC, and they are currently advertising the double down on their marquee. I came home from hanging out a little early the other night but still moderately drunk, and though I had resolutely made up my mind that I just wasn't gonna do it, I decided to get a double down. So I went in and said to the guy something to the effect of, "Um hi, I'd like to try one of those double down sandwich things please" or something stupid like that, and the guy basically just said, "No." He sort of said something after that, but I couldn't really hear him over the shock, and so am still not sure if they were out of them, or didn't make them after a certain hour, or just didn't feel like it or something. I had no backup plan and ended up ordering something really dumb with a side of coleslaw. So anyway, it was a pretty amazing feeling to get straight denied in my attempt to get a gross sandwich I already felt weird about trying for. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Got one tonight. Got two actually. Most disgusting thing ever. Glad I can put that one behind me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hamburger Planet

Planet Hamburger


This one time on a trip to CA I had found some info about seemingly awesome camp sites on the coast but that also sounded kind of tricky to get to, and somehow managed to convince my companions it was a good idea to try despite my own uncertainty. Paranoid this was gonna seriously not work out, and after some real getting to, we did in fact manage to make our way to this camp site that was insanely beautiful and basically right on The Lost Coast. Nice area. Also, we split ways after that, and then about a week and a half later I was checking into some weird hotel in Reno and who should be standing right in front of me in line but Marisa, who I last saw at this place. And then Marisa won a bunch of money from a slot machine the next morning by randomly tossing a quarter in on the way outta the place. I guess sometimes its like that.


smack in the face/stab in the liver/boom front kick/headbutt to the side/heel to the groin/elbow to the head/break the arm

God I love Bas Rutten.

"Somebody is telling me that about my wife? I'm sorry sir, but I'm gonna break your leg."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well, can I?

MXC + Technology = What You See Here

Some years back I used to be into that show MXC which I think was TNN but may have been Spike TV at that point. It stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, and there wasn't really anything like it on at the time. You've probably seen it, but if not, its re-edited footage of this game show on TV in Japan which was all about people eating shit in these ridiculous challenges like trying to run across greased tubes or run across a janky bridge while someone shot volley balls out of a high speed volley ball gun at them etc. (I guess its what that show Wipeout is based on, but that show comparatively is pretty lame, and maybe not even comparatively so, and this show was actually kind of hilarious and awesome.) Anyway, they took the footage and dubbed it with weird and pervy commentary and re-named the hosts Kenny and Vic. Sometimes I'd tape it, and I remember taping the episode this clip was in and just being so pumped that I had caught it on VHS. I watched it over and over for a while and would show it to people whenever they came over and stuff. Because that was before YouTube and that was what you had to do. Now I can just do this:


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't Stop Believing


Seriously. And I've really been enjoying watching him on the Celebrity Apprentice, where he and Mr. Trump are having a pretty epic hair showdown:


And then there is this:

I'm watching the show right now, and Rod was just talking about how the whole world of Harry Potter is really cool and how "sometimes I wish I were there on a permanent basis." Cool.

****SPOILER ALERT**** (Like anyone else is watching this.)

FUUUUUUCK. Rod just got the axe. Or the boot. Or canned or whatever. Point is, fuck that.

---------------- (aka Whopper Letdown)

Man I had the worst time at this Burger King in Chinatown today. I just needed a quick bite, which turned into like a ten-minute-free-for-all-line-situation, and I wound up behind someone that kept making all these separate orders and paying separately and shouting to someone to go ask so and so if they wanted cheese in this real rude and obnoxious kind of way... and this was followed by like a many-many-more-minutes in an angry-confused-free-for-all-waiting-for-your-order-pit. And the Whopper, unexpectedly, sucked. It was like every component was a bad imitation of itself, but not in the jokey good way that McDonald's does it, but in this real gray area kind of way. And it was like $7.50. That much for a gross #1 that is hell to get? I mean, one time in Denver I was kind of drunk and went to get a Whopper from that Burger King on Broadway, and the inside was closed but the drive through was open. But I was on my bike, so this dude was like, "Hey, come around back here," and then gave me a Whopper for free out of the back door. It was cool. This was the opposite of that.