Monday, April 26, 2010


I live about twenty steps from a KFC, and they are currently advertising the double down on their marquee. I came home from hanging out a little early the other night but still moderately drunk, and though I had resolutely made up my mind that I just wasn't gonna do it, I decided to get a double down. So I went in and said to the guy something to the effect of, "Um hi, I'd like to try one of those double down sandwich things please" or something stupid like that, and the guy basically just said, "No." He sort of said something after that, but I couldn't really hear him over the shock, and so am still not sure if they were out of them, or didn't make them after a certain hour, or just didn't feel like it or something. I had no backup plan and ended up ordering something really dumb with a side of coleslaw. So anyway, it was a pretty amazing feeling to get straight denied in my attempt to get a gross sandwich I already felt weird about trying for. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Got one tonight. Got two actually. Most disgusting thing ever. Glad I can put that one behind me.

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