Saturday, April 17, 2010

MXC + Technology = What You See Here

Some years back I used to be into that show MXC which I think was TNN but may have been Spike TV at that point. It stands for Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, and there wasn't really anything like it on at the time. You've probably seen it, but if not, its re-edited footage of this game show on TV in Japan which was all about people eating shit in these ridiculous challenges like trying to run across greased tubes or run across a janky bridge while someone shot volley balls out of a high speed volley ball gun at them etc. (I guess its what that show Wipeout is based on, but that show comparatively is pretty lame, and maybe not even comparatively so, and this show was actually kind of hilarious and awesome.) Anyway, they took the footage and dubbed it with weird and pervy commentary and re-named the hosts Kenny and Vic. Sometimes I'd tape it, and I remember taping the episode this clip was in and just being so pumped that I had caught it on VHS. I watched it over and over for a while and would show it to people whenever they came over and stuff. Because that was before YouTube and that was what you had to do. Now I can just do this:

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