Saturday, April 3, 2010

---------------- (aka Whopper Letdown)

Man I had the worst time at this Burger King in Chinatown today. I just needed a quick bite, which turned into like a ten-minute-free-for-all-line-situation, and I wound up behind someone that kept making all these separate orders and paying separately and shouting to someone to go ask so and so if they wanted cheese in this real rude and obnoxious kind of way... and this was followed by like a many-many-more-minutes in an angry-confused-free-for-all-waiting-for-your-order-pit. And the Whopper, unexpectedly, sucked. It was like every component was a bad imitation of itself, but not in the jokey good way that McDonald's does it, but in this real gray area kind of way. And it was like $7.50. That much for a gross #1 that is hell to get? I mean, one time in Denver I was kind of drunk and went to get a Whopper from that Burger King on Broadway, and the inside was closed but the drive through was open. But I was on my bike, so this dude was like, "Hey, come around back here," and then gave me a Whopper for free out of the back door. It was cool. This was the opposite of that.

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