Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living Dead

I had a really weird dream this morning where I died, but I was still alive. Like I definitely died, but then I was alive in my own body, not like some spirit ghost. It was me, but the world was new, like two parallel worlds right on top of each other. And I found my body laying near this ditch, and these people were trying to get me to go with them, but I was like, I can't just leave myself lying there. But I didn't have a shovel and there was no time, so I tried to just throw some dirt on myself. But I couldn't really bear leaving myself like that, so I cut my own head off so I could at least bury that and wouldn't be laying there abandoned looking up at the sky forever, rotting away. And it was my real head from when that was me, which it still was, but I was alive in my own body in another world which was the same world. Then I wrapped some wet paper towels around it and put it in a large piece of tupperware, and then I was hanging out in this basement and I put it in the fridge. And then my brother came in and he was gonna get a beer out of the fridge or something, and I was like, look out man, my head is in there. And he was like, why? And I told him I didn't know, because I still needed to bury it or something. It was actually a nightmare, a pretty bad one, replete with some pretty weird emotions. But then hey, at least it wasn't a full blown night terror.

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