Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hospital Hangout

So I had to go to Woodhull hospital the other day for an asthma issue, like semi-emergency style, nothing crazy. And I will say the staff was really nice and helpful, and quickly got me to the asthma room and to some vaporized medicine that was desperately needed. (Also I went and talked to the finance department after the ordeal was over on the advice of the doctor that saw me, and though it was just two ladies in this weird tiny little room, AND I had to have x-rays done, they somehow found a way to make my bill a mere $15. Seriously. Apparently they do this like income based system there, you just have to speak to 'em before you take off. So thank you for that Woodhull.) BUT, that being said, the breathing treatment room was fucking weird, all these medical chairs facing forward, with these weird medicine pumps next to them. This asshole next to me would not shut up and this jerk behind me was snoring unbearably loud. There was a weird little t.v. in front of the room with the Maury Show on it. I was there for about 6 hours total. So this nurse was being really cool. She brought us some breakfast food, which was awesome, and gave me the only bagel because she also thought the guy next to me was annoying. Also, when I got back from having some tests done said she she was hooking me up with lunch. (Which is funny cause the medicine they give you is like speed, and was just making me insanely jittery and un-hungry.)Me: "Wow, great, thank you!" Her: "I'm gonna get you a bologna sandwich, it is by far the best one we got." Me: "Cool, thanks." Then the sandwich came, and I am absolutely not complaining, but it was one slice of weird meat between two pieces of white bread and that was it. All I'm trying to say is, how much worse does it get when the best thing comes with the absolute minimal amount of stuff? I was able to procure some mayonnaise, slathered it on, and ate the thing. So then I needed to wash my hands. And that is when I took full notice of the sign above my head. It tells you that germs are bad or something and so you should remind your doctor to wash his/her hands. Remind the fucking doctor to wash their hands!? Dude,what the hell?

Bologna sandwich;

Wash hands sign. (Picture is at a weird angle cause I didn't wanna look like a jerk taking it. Gotta check out the fine print.)

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